Technician 4th Grade Harvey L. Baldwin (1917–1943)

Harvey L. Baldwin (Courtesy of the Delaware Public Archives)
Home StateCivilian Occupation
DelawareChemist’s assistant
BranchService Number
U.S. Army32167427
AmericanArmy Specialized Training Program at Pennsylvania State College

Early Life & Family

Harvey Lewis Baldwin was born in the Corner Ketch area of Newark, Delaware to William Chandler Baldwin and Irma Baldwin (née Pennock).  It appears that he was eldest of eight children (six boys and two girls) and grew up in the Yorklyn area.  An August 26, 1943 article in The Newark Post stated that Baldwin “was a graduate of the Alexis I. duPont High School, and studied medicine at the University of Alabama.” 

Baldwin worked as a chemist’s assistant prior to his military service.  When he registered for the draft on October 16, 1940, Baldwin was living in Yorklyn, Delaware and working at the Hercules Powder Company in nearby Wilmington.  At the time, he was described as standing 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighing 200 lbs., with brown hair and gray eyes.

According to a State of Delaware Individual Military Service Record filled out by his wife, he was in R.O.T.C. while attending the University of Alabama.  He completed three years of college according to his enlistment record.  His wife stated that his address was 328 East Main Street in Newark at the time he entered the military.

Military Career

Baldwin was drafted before the U.S. entered World War II.  He was inducted into the U.S. Army in Trenton, New Jersey on August 8, 1941.  He was assigned to the U.S. Army Medical Department. 

According to his Individual Military Service Record, Private Baldwin went on active duty in September 1941 at the Station Hospital at Fort Jay, on Governors Island, New York.  While stationed there, he was promoted to technician 5th grade in June 1942.  That same month, he married Dorothy Mae Dawson (1915–1999) in Newark on the afternoon of June 20, 1942.  Baldwin’s wife wrote that on July 1, 1942, Baldwin began working at 99 Whitehall Street in nearby New York City.  (Almost certainly referring to this assignment, the August 26, 1943 article in The Newark Post stated that “he served as a Laboratory Technician at the Army General Dispensary in New York City.”)

Baldwin was promoted to technician 4th grade in February 1943.  In May 1943, Technician 4th Grade Baldwin began attending classes at Pennsylvania State College (now Pennsylvania State University) through the Army Specialized Training Program.  Technician 4th Grade Baldwin became ill on August 19, 1943.  Although he was treated at the State College Infirmary, he died within an hour.  Despite being just 26 years old, the official cause of death was listed as coronary thrombosis. 

Technician 4th Grade Baldwin was buried at the Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church Cemetery in New Castle County, Delaware.  His widow remarried to L. Martin Howard (1911–1982) on January 1, 1946.  She died in Florida in 1999, aged 82.



The Delaware memorial volume published just after the war erroneously referred to Baldwin as a technical sergeant rather than as a technician 4th grade.


Special thanks to the Delaware Public Archives for the use of their photo of Technician 4th Grade Baldwin.

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